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Does your child hate dental appointments? Is it like pulling teeth convincing your little ones to see a dentist? If your kids get anxious when visiting the dentist, contact our trusted Murray, UT dentists at Dentistry for Children to learn about our dental sedation options!

For your convenience, we have dental office locations in Sandy, UT, West Valley, UT, and Murray, UT. Dr. Erik Rooklidge, our other Murray, UT dentists, and our calming, soothing team will do everything we can to relax your children and provide high-quality dental care!

Get Help With Dental Anxiety

Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 Americans suffer from dental anxiety for one reason or another? Don’t assume your child is just being stubborn if they resist visiting the dentist. It takes only one bad experience to make someone uncomfortable with dental appointments.

Fortunately for you and your child, our caring Murray, UT dentists and team understands and can help relieve dental anxiety! With our help, your child can have a positive association with the dentist from here on!

Our Dental Sedation Options

At Dentistry for Children, we offer three dental sedation options when it comes to sedation because every child has unique concerns.

Nitrous oxide, better known as “laughing gas,” is a gas mixed with oxygen that your child will inhale through a small mask. Almost immediately, your little one will begin to feel a mild euphoria as all nervousness melts away. The effects will wear off just as quickly.

Another dental sedation options is oral conscious sedation, which is administered in a drink. When your child arrives, they will drink the beverage before we begin treatment. Your child will stay awake the entire time so we can communicate with them, but will likely have only a vague memory of the visit.

Our strongest form of dental sedation options is IV sedation. Your child will instantly feel the effects and all anxiety will disappear. We are thoroughly trained in administering dental sedation and will carefully monitor your little one during the visit, ensuring optimal comfort.

If your child is old enough to drive, it’s important you know that a trusted friend or family member will need to pick them up if they undergo oral conscious sedation or IV sedation.

If there is any chance your child will experience discomfort, we can also provide anesthetic to prevent any pain!

Comfort Amenities

To help put your child at ease, we offer some of the comforts of home at Dentistry for Children, including:

  • Video games in waiting rooms
  • Playhouses
  • TVs mounted above each chair for watching movies

Our trusted Murray, UT dentists will listen intently to your children’s particular concerns to provide the most pleasant experience we can!

Treat your children to stress-free dental care – call our top Murray, UT dentists at Dentistry for Children to learn about our dental sedation options! You can also use our online form.

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