Give Your Child Pain-Free Tooth Fillings in Sandy & West Valley, UT

If a cavity is giving your child a painful toothache, Dentistry for Children can give them relief with a pain-free tooth filling. In our Sandy and West Valley offices, kids walk out grinning after stress-free procedures that stop their pain and repair their teeth. Our teeth fillings will:

  • Prevent decay and disease from spreading to healthy teeth
  • Make biting and chewing easier so your child can enjoy their favorite foods
  • Help eliminate the risk of gum damage and other dental issues
  • Help avoid the need for more extensive dental work, such as root canal therapy

Save time and money – you can pick between two convenient Salt Lake City-area locations. Call either our Sandy, UT dentist office at 801-871-3008 or our West Valley, UT dentist office at 801-758-7119. Regardless of which one you and your child visit, Dr. Erik Rooklidge and the rest of our children’s dentists can painlessly repair teeth affected by cavities!

Kids Enjoy Our Painless Tooth Filling Process

When you and your young one visit Dentistry for Children, our calming, soothing team will greet you warmly and do all we can to put you both at ease.

To make your child’s treatment as comfortable as possible, we have invested in a state-of-the-art Solea CO2 dental laser that simultaneously removes enamel affected by tooth decay and numbs the affected tooth.

We want you to know exactly what to expect, so here are the basic steps to getting a tooth-colored filling from Dentistry for Children:

  • Using cutting-edge dental technology like digital X-rays, we will thoroughly assess the situation and come up with a personalized plan for treatment.
  • We will numb the area and precisely remove the tooth decay using our Solea CO2 laser.
  • Using natural-looking composite material, we will fill the cavity and return your child’s tooth to its ideal shape and strength.

Because we exclusively use tooth-colored fillings, your child’s smile will look good as new. No more metal fillings! And since our laser comfortably and painlessly numbs their tooth, they will not experience the residual tenderness associated with injections.

We can also help your children practice proper oral hygiene techniques to help them avoid future cavities. We love to see our patients with healthy, gorgeous smiles!

Rely on Us to Give Your Child a Positive Dental Experience

When you bring your child in for a restorative dentistry treatment such as a filling, or any other dental service, we will do everything we can to make the visit pleasant. Our staff has been specially trained to provide patient-centered dental care for kids from a year old up to 18 years old!

For your children’s enjoyment, our office features playhouses and video game systems in the reception area. We also have TVs mounted in every care room so your kids can enjoy a favorite movie while we work to repair and improve their smiles!

If your child is a little anxious, we can help calm their nerves with dental sedation. This includes inhaled sedation using laughing gas, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. We will closely monitor your child and adjust the sedation dosage for optimal comfort and effectiveness.

If you think your child has a cavity, act fast and call Dentistry for Children for pain-free tooth fillings! Contact our Sandy office at 801-871-3008 or our West Valley office at 801-758-7119.

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Visit the pediatric dentist office where “We Keep Kids Smiling!” Our understanding of your child’s unique dental needs is unparalleled. Call now! We can’t wait to see your child’s smile!

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Video: Tooth Fillings Procedure at Dentistry for Children by Dr. Erik Rooklidge

At Dentistry for Children, we do a lot of dental services or procedures. One of them is Tooth Fillings. With the help of our advanced technology, we are able to do it using our laser. Which makes everything effective and efficient. You can visit our webiste: to know more about tooth fillings. You may also contact us at 801-871-3008 to set an appointment today! Add and Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Yelp: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now to watch updated videos from Dentistry for Children!