What You Should Know About Protecting Your Child’s Teeth [BLOG]

We want to give all of our patients the tools they need to keep their smiles healthy.

Since the patients we see at Dentistry for Children aren’t quite ready to manage their own health, that means giving parents the information they need to guide their kids toward healthy dental habits for a lifetime.

So here are a couple of things you should know about protecting your child’s teeth from our dental team in Sandy and West Valley, UT!

Prevention Starts At Home!

A large part of how we keep your child’s teeth and gums strong and healthy is giving them thorough dental cleanings and exams every six months. It’s a preventive measure everyone should take for good oral health.

But the truth is, prevention actually starts at home. Your child’s developing smile needs the right vitamins and nutrients to strengthen their jawbone and tooth enamel so they have better protection against tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Here are three other ways you can help prevent these dental problems from hurting your child’s smile!

  • Avoid Sugary Drinks — Fruit juice, sports drinks, and sodas are all very high in sugar, despite the fact that many of them are advertised as a healthy beverage. For your family’s teeth, water is always the best choice!
  • Beware of Highly-Acidic Foods — Acidic foods will threaten your family’s tooth enamel because it eats away at it, leaving microscopic openings for harmful bacteria.
  • Limit Hard or Sticky Candy — Sticky candy can leave sugary particles that stay in your mouth long after you’ve eaten them. This gives bad bacteria the fuel it needs to feed and multiply. Hard candy can do the same, but the texture poses another smile risk given that you could damage your teeth when biting down on it.

Protection Happens Here!

As early as age one, your child is already in need of a dentist who specializes in careful monitoring of early dental development and in treating any problems that come up as they grow. The best place to go for the unique dental care that kids need is Dentistry for Children!

Protection of your child’s teeth and gums happens here, where you can find all the dentistry services they need under one roof.

First, we help you protect your child’s teeth with routine cleanings and exams twice a year. We’ll use the latest tools to detect problems in the earliest stages, like tooth decay and cavities, so we can treat them before they become more serious.

Another way we can protect your child’s teeth with with customized athletic mouthguards.

Many of the children we see participate in sports, which means they need extra protection against dental injuries. With our custom-made mouthguards, you’ll have peace of mind knowing their teeth and gums are adequately covered to minimize damage to your child’s healthy smile!

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The most important thing to remember about your child’s dental health is that Dentistry For Children will always be your support system in Sandy and West Valley City, UT. With our skilled, kid-friendly staff, comfortable environment, and advanced technology, we’ll keep a close eye on your child’s dental development and effectively treat any problems that threaten their healthy smile along the way!

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