3 Reasons To Get A Custom Athletic Mouthguard [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every season, you’ll find many well-intentioned parents browsing the sporting goods stores to get a mouthguard for their child athlete. But did you know the best way to protect your child’s healthy smile is with an athletic mouthguard that’s custom-made by your dentist? Check out today’s infographic to see why, then visit Dr. Rooklidge at Dentistry For Children before fall sports ...

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction… For Kids? [VIDEO]

Full-mouth reconstructions aren’t just for adults. Surprising? Then take a minute to listen to Dr. Rooklidge at Dentistry For Children talk about how we approach this dental need in young patients and why it’s so important in protecting their oral health and development! Call our West Valley, UT dental office today at 801-758-7119 or fill out our online form for an appointment. ...

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Benefits of Preventive Orthodontics for Your Children

Crooked teeth, gaps in the smile, and bite issues are all serious orthodontic problems you can help your child avoid. With preventive orthodontics at at West Valley UT dental office, we can give your child a straighter, more beautiful smile. It’s all part of our comprehensive children’s dental treatments. We treat children from infancy to age 17, and our staff is here to help them overcome ...

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Keeping Your Children Comfortable At The Dentist

When it comes to your child’s dental care, comfort is king. Your child needs to be comfortable in the chair and know that the dentist will do everything they can to make the treatments pain-free. That’s what you and your family can expect at out West Valley UT and Sandy UT dental offices. Dentistry For Children has five qualified dentists who are ready to give your child the care they ...

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We Handle Your Child’s Dental Emergencies [VIDEO]

No child should ever be in pain longer than they have to, which is why you can trust our team at Dentistry For Children for their dental emergency. We’ll do all we can to see your child right away and give them treatment to fix their dental problem and relieve their pain. Here’s Dr. Rooklidge explaining how we handle emergency situations. For emergency dental care, call our West ...

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Building Healthy Dental Habits For Your Child

Parents have a great deal of things to worry about when it comes to their children’s health and wellness. Dentistry has advanced over the years so there are many more options for your children. Whenever you visit our West Valley Utah dental office, we can guide your children’s dental care and provide incredible preventive and restorative dental solutions. Dentistry for Children is here ...

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Does My Child Need A Full-Mouth Reconstruction? [QUIZ]

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your child’s dental problems, especially when they pile up so much you don’t know how to begin to fix it. That’s where our team at Dentistry For Children can help with a full-mouth reconstruction. From dental crowns to dental implants, we can help give them back their beautiful, healthy smile. Take today’s quiz to see if this is the right ...

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This Mom Appreciates Our Dental Sedation Options [VIDEO]

With the extensive dental work her daughter needed, Lauri was understandably nervous about how the experience would be for her child. But thanks to our caring team and dental sedation options, Lauri says her daughter’s treatments were nothing but positive! Hear more about why Lauri appreciates the care her children receive in our West Valley City, UT dental practice! Call Dentistry For ...

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Surprising Facts About Children’s Oral Health

Giving your children great oral care in Utah Valley UT starts with understanding the development of their mouth and what can harm their mouths. The more educated you are about your children’s teeth, the better care you can give them. Dentistry For Children can be your partner in giving your child elite dental care. We are a pediatric dental practice with two locations that can treat every ...

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Kind-Friendly, Mom-Approved West Valley Dentist [VIDEO]

Choosing a great dentist in West Valley Utah for your child takes time and a ton of research. Dentistry For Children is the place to come for all of your child’s dental needs. We first and foremost focus on preventive dentistry, and we’re also offering orthodontic treatments and restorative dental treatments. Whatever your child needs, our office is here for you. We’re using ...

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Your Place For Gentle Children’s Dentistry [VIDEO]

Some children need more dental work than others. We’d love for every child who walks into our offices to have a perfect mouth that is free of decay. But our Sandy, UT dental office also ...

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3 Ways to Keep Your Child Comfortable at the Dentist

Your child deserves great and affordable dental care. Our Sandy UT dental practice focuses on keeping your child comfortable and providing state-of-the-art care. At Dentistry For Children, ...

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