Our Job is Keeping Your Kids’ Mouths Healthy

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Every parent wants their kids to have the best things they can provide.

That includes good health, which should include high-quality dental care. We’re happy to say you can get that from our caring and compassionate team at Dentistry for Children.

All of our doctors in West Valley and Sandy, UT have strong backgrounds in pediatric dentistry , which might explain the name of our practice.

If you haven’t scheduled your next dental appointment for your sons and daughters, now is a great time to do so. Just call 801-871-3008 or 801-758-7119 to set up a visit at the location closest to you.

Kids are More Than Welcome Here

Every member of our team understands that mouths that are still growing often require a different kind of care. Our doctors have all devoted hours of continuing education and training on the treatment of children’s teeth.

We can help with typical oral health issues, such as cavities and gum disease. We also can address ongoing concerns such as thumb-sucking and dental anxiety.

If you’ve never been to either of our offices, then you and your kids are in for a treat. Our practice was designed with children in mind.

You’ll find a warm, welcoming environment thanks in large part to our attentive staff. At our offices we also have:

  • Playhouses
  • Televisions
  • Video games

The can help keep your kids occupied when one of their siblings is having a cleaning and exam or other treatment.

Complete Dental Services

In addition to preventive care, you’ll find that we also offer restorative and cosmetic treatments for children as well. What could this mean?

For a younger child, it means we can give them a tooth-colored filling if they do develop a cavity. In the unfortunate event of a tooth infection, we also offer pain-free root canals. With the help of our sedation dentistry , we can keep your son or daughter calm and relaxed during this or any other treatment.

You may be wondering what we mean by cosmetic services. Let’s imagine your children broke a tooth while playing with some friends. We can make a dental crown that looks (and functions) just like a real tooth.

For a high school graduate, you could give the gift of teeth whitening before they head off for college, technical school, or the start of a career.

We also offer preventive orthodontics, which could reduce their treatment time with braces or possibly eliminate the need for braces when a child gets older.

Here When You Need Us

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one more thing. We also offer 24/7 dental emergency assistance.

That broken tooth we mentioned above may not happen between our regular hours. However, you can still call either of our offices. We have a doctor on call to assist, and we will make every effort to see your child in person as soon as possible.

Just remember our name is what we do — Dentistry for Children. Call our office in Sandy, UT 801-871-3008 or our West Valley location at 801-758-7119. You can also contact us online with questions or to request an appointment.

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Visit the pediatric dentist office where “We Keep Kids Smiling!” Our understanding of your child’s unique dental needs is unparalleled. Call now! We can’t wait to see your child’s smile!

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Our Job is Keeping Your Kids’ Mouths Healthy

Every parent wants their kids to have the best things they can provide. That includes good health, which should include high-quality dental care. We’re happy to say you can get that ...

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