Lasers vs. Cavities: High-Tech Dental Care

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The hero steps into the room. This isn’t good. It isn’t good at all.

He scans the area, looking for something … anything … that could help in this situation.

He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He just wants to get rid of a problem quickly and as painlessly as possible …

Then he sees just what he needs — a laser!


Is this a scene from the script for our science fiction movie we’ve been working on? Part of the plot of the next Star Wars film?

It’s neither. It’s part of the advanced dentistry your family will receive at Dentistry For Children. We have two locations in Utah where you can take advantages of our many pediatric services … including our laser dentistry.

To experience our high-tech dental care in person, call to make an appointment at either of our offices: 801-871-3008 for Sandy or 801-758-7119 for West Valley.


Kids & Cavities

It would be wonderful to us if no children ever had cavities. In reality, kids often eat more sweets than they should. Kids don’t always brush their teeth as well as they should, and sometimes they don’t floss at all.

So … it won’t surprise you to know that, yes, many children do develop cavities.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, roughly one in four kids ages 2 to 5 has cavities, while just over half of kids 6 to 11 have cavities.

As a parent, you want your kids to be free from tooth decay, but you also know that you can’t be with them every moment of every day. You have taught them to brush twice a day and to floss daily, but some days you are just too tired to make sure they did everything they were supposed to before bed. It’s OK. We’re all human.

But, this is also a reminder of how important regular dental visits are for your children’s oral health.

At our office, our team of dental professionals will give your son or daughter a thorough dental cleaning. At the same time, we’ll be looking for signs of decay (and gum disease) that could lead to bigger problems such as toothaches down the road.

We know you would rather avoid that, and while they may not realize it yet, your kids would rather avoid those problems, too.


Fixing Decayed Teeth with Lasers

This is where our lasers can be an invaluable tool. Treating cavities may not be as exciting as battling bad guys in outer space, but our laser is real.

Why should you care about our dental lasers? For starters, they allow us to remove decay without any anesthetic. We used lasers to clean up cavities as painlessly as possible. Many kids tell us that they don’t feel anything while we are using our lasers on their teeth.

Once the laser has done its job, we can fill the cavity with our tooth-colored fillings, so your kids’ smiles look as good as ever.


Preventing Cavities

Of course, it’s even better when we don’t have a reason to use our laser at all.

This is why we offer dental sealants and fluoride treatments as well. Both of these services can reduce your children’s risk of having tooth decay.

You could think of sealants as a kind of protective coating for your kids’ teeth. The sealants can be applied after a professional cleaning. As they dry, they will harden to create a tooth-colored barrier between harmful, cavity-causing bacteria and your child’s teeth.

Fluoride is a mineral that can do two things to help fight cavities. First, fluoride can repair teeth that may have experienced minor tooth decay before that decay can form a cavity. Second, fluoride can make teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.


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