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Imagine being a small child who has just learned that she has a cavity. You know that isn’t a good thing, and you know that means the dentist office will need to do something to fix your tooth.

Someone tells you what is going to happen. They are going to remove the bad stuff from your teeth and fill it will something that will make your tooth normal again.

You are a little worried that this might hurt. Instead, you don’t feel anything. When you are finished, they hold up a mirror so you can look at your tooth, and it looks … like a tooth. And it didn’t hurt at all to get it fixed.

You go back to your parents smiling and show them your “new” tooth.

This is pretty normal for us at Dentistry For Children. We use the latest technology, including laser dentistry, to treat problems in a different way than you might remember from when you were a kid.

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The Old Way Of Treating Cavities

Have you ever seen the musical Little Shop of Horrors ? In the movie version, Steve Martin plays the part of the less-than-friendly dentist. While we don’t know any dentists who behave as badly as this character, we do know that many people develop dental anxiety because of bad experiences they had at the dentist office.

Sometimes it is because a dentist lacked any compassion for what a patient was going through, but sometimes it was because of the limitations of the old equipment.

Let’s consider the scenario from the opening of this post. Years ago, Depending on the practice, the dentist might have used a needle to deliver a local anesthetic. For someone who is afraid of needles, it could be difficult to see someone coming at his or her mouth with one.

Then, the dentist might have used a drill to grind away at the tooth decay. Even if the patient was numb, he or she might be uncomfortable because of the sound of the drill or the vibrations it created.

That would not be a good experience, and it’s one we want our patients to avoid at Dentistry For Children. That’s why we use dental lasers instead.


How Dental Lasers Change Tooth Decay Treatment

This might actually be something you can use to convince your kids to come to the dentist — lasers!

OK, maybe laser dentistry isn’t quite as exciting as the kinds of lasers they will see in science fiction. However, dental lasers have allowed us to provide pain-free, stress-free care for our patients.

For better or worse, many kids do develop cavities, like the little girl in our introduction. When this happens, we often don’t need to use any anesthetic to treat the problem.

By using a Solea CO2 dental laser, we can numb the tooth at the same time we are removing the decay from your child’s teeth. Lasers don’t make the kinds of loud, screeching sounds that are common with “the drill.” Lasers also don’t vibrate, which is good both for the patient and the dental professional performing the procedure.

Many times, our patients don’t feel anything when we are removing the decay to prepare their tooth for a filling. While we would prefer to prevent tooth decay, we are happy that we can treat it comfortably and painlessly when needed.

We know this makes for a better patient experience, and in the long-term, it reduces dental anxiety.


A Better Dental Experience For Your Kids

We have a lot of respect for general dentists and what they do. We also know that we are better suited to treat the youngest members of our family.

As a pediatric dentist office, our focus is on keeping your childrens’ mouths as healthy as they can be. It’s equally important that your children are comfortable throughout their visits with us.

This is why we have invested in technology, like our dental lasers. It’s why we use digital X-rays, which use a fraction of the radiation of old film X-ray machine. It’s why we have a machine to make dental crowns in a single visit to our office, which means faster treatment and few visits to the dentist office for you and your children.

To learn more about us, call the Dentistry For Children location that is nearest to you in Sandy (801-871-3008), Murray (801-948-2212), or West Valley (801-758-7119). You can also contact us online for more information or to request an appointment.

Our goal is always to keep children smiling. We would love to show you how.

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