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The purpose of our dental practice is right there in our name — Dentistry For Children !

You want your kids to be as healthy as they can be. That means keeping them free from tooth decay, cavities, and other oral health problems.

Our team of pediatric dentists and dental professionals love working with kids. Both of our locations were set up with kids in mind. We want kids from 1 to 18 years old to see us as a place where people care about their dental health and, more importantly, where people care about them as individuals.

Whether you are new to the area, looking for a new dentist for your children, or ready to bring your child for his or her first dental visit, we would love to meet you. Call 801-871-3008 for our office in Sandy, UT or 801-758-7119 for our West Valley, UT location to plan your visit today!


Built with Kids in Mind

If you look at the photos of our office, you’ll see that we aren’t set up like a typical dental practice.

We have play areas and video games stations in our waiting area. We know that many families like to schedule their children’s appointments on the same day. This helps pass time as one child is waiting to be called back or waiting for a sibling to be finished.

We also installed televisions in each of our patient rooms, so your kids can watch one of their favorite movies while we are cleaning and examining their smiles.

Beyond that, we are dedicated to making dental care as comfortable and pain-free as possible for our young patients. This is why are our team has invested in advanced technology and the training to use it correctly.

For example, we have digital X-rays at our practice. As a parent, you will be happy to know that digital X-rays used just a fraction of the radiation of old film X-ray machines. This makes them safer for everyone involved.

And because they are digital, we can see those images almost instantly, which means we can look for and identify any problems faster. This helps save time during your visits to the dentist.

We also know that many kids get nervous about needles. That’s one reason our Solea CO 2 Laser is great. The laser can numb a tooth without the need for a local anesthetic, so your child doesn’t feel any pain.

We also offer sedation dentistry. This is an excellent option for kids who may feel anxious about going to the dentist. For most patients, laughing gas or oral sedation is more than enough to help them relax and remain pain- and worry-free during routine dental treatments.


Your Child’s First Visit

As a parent, you enjoy celebrating the milestones in your child’s life — his first words, her first steps.

We think your child’s first visit to the dentist is worth celebrating, too. We encourage parents to bring their children to see us around their first birthday. This is about six months after your son or daughter’s first tooth has erupted.

Our goal is for this to be a special occasion for your little one (and for you), and that’s why we focus on making this what we call a happy visit . You and your child will get to meet the amazing members of our caring, compassionate team. Every person at our offices has been prepared to provide calm, soothing care for our patients.

During this initial visit, we only do what your child is comfortable doing. If your son is ready to sit in the dental chair, we’ll let him take a seat. If your daughter is up for letting us look at her teeth, we’ll give her an exam.

We also will give your children a dental cleaning as long as they feel comfortable letting us.

We are not going to force your child to do anything he or she is not ready for. By taking things one step at a time, we can ease your child into dental care. We want your child to know that we are here to help.

This first visit is a great opportunity for you, as a parent, as well.

We will be happy to discuss what you are doing at home as part of your child’s oral health routine. This can include everything from how to brush and floss correctly. Tips for teaching your children to do those things on their own.

To us, you are never just another patient. We want to build a relationship with your family that will last for many years to come.


Thumb Sucking Solutions

Many parents have questions about thumb sucking . It’s a habit that many kids develop at a young age. It also can affect the development of their primary teeth, which also affect how their permanent teeth erupt.

Believe it or not, many children start sucking their thumbs before they are born. It’s a natural reflex that many children do as a way to soothe themselves. Many kids outgrow the habit, but some may continue this behavior when they feel stressed or anxious.

If your child is still sucking his or her thumbs after turning 4, that’s when it can affect the appearance of their smiles.

Talk to your children about why they suck their thumb. If you can find what is causing them to do this, you may be able to help them address the root cause or find another way of coping.

It also helps to praise your children for not sucking their thumbs. Also, putting a bandage on your child’s thumb can discourage this behavior at night.

We would be happy to discuss the situation with you. Together, we can find a solution that will work for your son or daughter.


You’re Always Welcome to Visit Us

Before you make an appointment, we welcome you to stop by either of our offices. Our Dentistry For Children team will gladly answer any questions about our approach to pediatric care.

We want you to feel welcome to visit us anytime.

When you are ready to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us online or to call 801-871-3008 for Sandy and 801-758-7119 for West Valley.

We hope we get to see your family’s smiling faces soon!

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