Keeping Your Children Comfortable At The Dentist

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When it comes to your child’s dental care , comfort is king. Your child needs to be comfortable in the chair and know that the dentist will do everything they can to make the treatments pain-free. That’s what you and your family can expect at out West Valley UT and Sandy UT dental offices.

Dentistry For Children has five qualified dentists who are ready to give your child the care they need. Our five highly skilled dentists have years of training and experience in treating children. You can start your child’s care by giving us a call today at 801-758-7119 to book your child’s first appointment. In the meantime today we want to show you exactly what you can expect at our office.

Our Gentle, Fun Exams

As a parent, you might be worried about dentists prying open your child’s mouth and making them uncomfortable in the dental chair. You won’t have that at our office. We thoroughly explain every treatment before doing anything and make the procedure fun and understandable. We first tell the child exactly what to expect from the treatment. Then we show them (perhaps on a model or the computer) so they can see what’s going to happen. Then we complete the treatment. The idea is to make your child involved in the treatment instead of simply being the subject of the treatment. 

Our staff of experts is trained in the latest techniques and can help your child overcome a number of serious issues. If your child is nervous about their visit or any treatment, we can even offer gentle sedation to help keep them calm. We have a few menu of sedation options, from laughing gas to help calm your nerves to IV sedation to help our most fearful patients or those who need extensive dental treatments.

Treating Issue With Lasers

The best way to help people avoid pain at the dentist is to find a dentist who uses the most cutting-edge technology and modern techniques. At Dentistry For Children, we are using an advanced laser to restore teeth. Using the laser, we don’t have to use a drill OR even use a shot to numb the area. Basically, if we can use the laser to restore a tooth, we will.

The laser cuts through the tooth in a pain-free way. The child doesn’t feel the treatment, and they don’t have to worry about hearing a the high-pitch squeal of the drill. Laser dentistry is pain-free, has less postoperative pain, and allows us to remove less of the tooth structure (this is great, especially if your child has a cavity on their permanent teeth). Parents who come to our dental office love the laser because it’s less intimidating than the traditional dental drill.

Visit Our Dental Office Today

Part of being a comfortable dental office starts with offering a wide range of dental services along with the office environment. We have a TV mounted in every treatment room. We’re happy to play your child’s favorite cartoon. In our waiting area, you’ll find some of the most popular toys and even a video game system. And of course, we have special prizes for our young patients. Whenever they come to our office, we want to reward them with something to make sure they have a positive experience.

If you’re ready to find your child’s next dentist, give us a call today at 801-758-7119 to book a visit. We’d love to meet you and show you our office.

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Visit the pediatric dentist office where “We Keep Kids Smiling!” Our understanding of your child’s unique dental needs is unparalleled. Call now! We can’t wait to see your child’s smile!

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