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An estimated 15 percent of adults admit feeling intense fear of the dentist. Imagine how stressful it can be for a child!

At Dentistry for Children, we’ve built a practice where you can feel great taking your child. You know that in our Murray, UT office — or any of our three locations — your child will receive high-quality dental care from a team of professionals who love kids!

And unlike other practices, Dentistry for Children specializes in the care of kids under the age of 18. We understand children’s unique dental needs and are equipped to handle them! We also go the extra mile to minimize discomfort and stress for your child, whether that means distracting them with a movie or offering dental sedation.

Read on for some of the ways Dentistry for Children can partner with you to help your child overcome dental anxiety. Then, experience it for yourself! Call us at any of our convenient locations.


1. We’ve Built A Compassionate Team Of Pediatric Dentistry Experts.


Many dental offices will treat children, but few actually specialize in the care of younger patients! At Dentistry for Children, you’ll feel confident knowing that our team of dental professionals have special expertise in a child’s oral development and child-friendly dental treatments.

Dr. Rooklidge is a board-certified pediatric dentist, qualified to care for all children. That includes those with special needs. In addition to attending dental school at the University of Iowa, Dr. Rooklidge completed two years of specialty training in pediatric dentistry at the Eastman Dental Center/Strong Memorial Hospital at the University of Rochester.

You’ll find that many of our staff members went into pediatric dentistry out of a love for children. We understand that having a positive experience at the dentist’s office early on lays the groundwork for excellent success later in life!


2. We Offer Kid-Friendly Comfort Amenities And High-Tech Care.


Not only did Dr. Rooklidge select his team with children in mind; he also wanted to make sure that the atmosphere would help put kids at ease! And you’ll notice this from the moment you walk into our office.

From the bright mural on the wall to the playhouses in the reception area, we want your child to be excited about coming to the dentist’s office. We even offer video game systems that your child can play while waiting for their appointment.

Distraction has been proven to help reduce dental anxiety, so your child can enjoy a movie while we work on their teeth. We have a TV mounted in every care room!

We’ve also invested in state-of-the-art dental technology to maximize precision and minimize discomfort during dental procedures. This includes:

  • A Solea CO2 laser, which numbs the tooth while eradicating tooth decay.
  • Digital X-rays to allow us to more thoroughly plan your child’s treatment while exposing them to a fraction of the radiation used in traditional X-rays.


3. We Offer Dental Sedation To Further Minimize Stress And Discomfort.


Some kids need a little extra help overcoming dental anxiety. That’s why we offer three dental sedation options that are safe for children.

We offer the following forms of dental sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide, which is perhaps better known as “laughing gas.” This is a fast-acting dental sedative that’s inhaled through a small mask. It’ll help your child feel a sense of mild euphoria and calm. Plus, the effects wear off almost immediately after we turn off the gas once the dental work is over.
  • Oral conscious sedation most often takes the form of a pill when given to adults. But at Dentistry for Children, we administer oral sedation in the form of a beverage that your child will drink before we begin treatment. The effects of oral sedation can vary, but generally speaking, it makes patients feel sort of drowsy but ultimately ready for the dental work.
  • IV sedation is the deepest form of dental sedation that we offer. It will allow your child to experience their dental procedure in a dream-like state. Plus, your child won’t remember much about the procedure after it’s over, which will make it less likely your child will experience anxiety during future appointments.

Dental sedation can be especially useful for kids who need extensive dental work, have a hard time sitting still, have a sensitive gag reflex, or have special needs.

We can help you determine whether dental sedation is right for you and your child.


We Can Help Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety


If you’re ready to help your child overcome dental anxiety, look no further than Dentistry for Children! Between our specialized pediatric care, kid-friendly environment, and dental sedation options that are safe for children, we can help your child have a pleasant experience at the dentist’s office!

Call us at any of our three locations to schedule an appointment. You can also use our convenient online form.

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