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The first dentist your child meets will make an incredible impact on their oral health. Not only will a dentist help give your child a healthy mouth, but your child’s experience at the dentist will affect their perspective of dentistry for years to come. So parents need to make sure they find the right dentist.

Dentistry For Children  is here to give your child a great smile and have them love the dental office. Our staff is trained to work with children, and most of us have children of our own. There are a number of ways to ensure that your child receives great dental care, but today we want to focus on some of the technology we use to keep your child feeling great during their visits.

Instant, Safe Digital Images

X-rays are one the best ways to diagnose dental cavities and monitor jawbone development. We take detailed images of of the mouth and then our dental professionals — we have five dentists —  will assess the results. Recently, most dental offices have turned away from traditional digital X-rays. These X-rays require the patient to have uncomfortable film in their mouths, and it has a significant amount of radiation exposure. Digital X-rays are much safer for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • 80 percent less radiation exposure.
  • Crisp images easy for dentist to see
  • Less time in the dental chair (that’s great for children who have trouble sitting still)
  • Can easily be sent to other dental offices

Remove Decay Without Dental Drills

Shots and the high-pitched squeal of the dental drill are enough to scare off many patients. The dental drill is loud and it vibrates the tooth, and no one likes the thought of a needle near their mouth. So, it can be nerve wracking to be told that you need a filling. That’s why our office is using a new way to treat cavities: laser dentistry .

Some dental offices can use lasers for soft tissue, but often need traditional dental drills for. We’re proud to offer advanced laser technology to treat cavities and place our long-lasting tooth-colored fillings.

With the laser, your child can relax in the dental chair and does not have to endure the sights , sounds, and smells of the drill. The laser cuts the tooth with precision and numbs the tooth, so your child won’t even need a shot! Best of all, this treatment is entirely pain-free!

Calm, Soothing Treatment Options

When you come to Dentistry For Children, you’ll be sending your children to experts trained in all area of pediatric dentistry. Dr. Rooklidge has additional training in pediatric dentistry, health tooth and jawbone development, and dental sedation. Dental sedation is a great way for us to help children who are fearful of their treatments or to calm children during dental emergencies. We have a fill range of sedation, which is something you can’t find at every pediatric dental office. The sedation includes:

  • Inhaled sedation (typically called laughing gas)
  • Oral conscious sedation (This is a pill that helps the child relax during their procedure)
  • IV sedation (This is administer with an IV.)

Inhaled sedation is the lowest form of sedation, and it can be rendered for a number of situations. Oral conscious and IV sedation are heavy forms of sedation. We might use these forms of sedation for children with disabilities that make it difficult for them to sit still, extremely fearful patients, patients who need extensive dental work, or children experiencing dental emergencies.

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As you can see, our office has a number of ways to keep your child comfortable and safe. We’d love for you to take a tour of the facility. You can schedule a visit by calling us at 801-758-7119 or use the online form .

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