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Let’s face it, parents.

No matter how confident we are in our ability to keep our kids safe, there’s always that near-constant, quiet hum of nervous energy flowing within us just beneath the surface.

Protecting your child is your top priority, so it’s perfectly natural to feel a little anxious about it!

But our team at Dentistry for Children wants to ease your mind about keeping their smiles safe, at the very least! With a full-mouth reconstruction in our Sandy and West Valley, UT practices, you’ll have a team of specialists on your side when dental problems threaten your child’s teeth and gums.

Why Would A Child Need A Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

One of the most common reasons may have to do with accidents and injuries.

Kids are rambunctious, right? Many of them are participating in year-round sports, on top of that.

So there may be times when a weekend baseball tournament or weeknight gymnastics practice is cut short because of a dental injury.

Damaged, broken, or knocked out teeth can happen to us at any age, and if it happens to a child, then they deserve the same shot at restoring their smile back to health just like adults do.

We do offer custom athletic mouthguards for our young patients, but not all dental injuries happen during sports activities. They can happen for a variety of reasons, from a fall down the stairs to a rough and tumble playground game gone wrong. As a parent, you always practice caution to try to prevent those things, but happen they can.

And for some of you, they will!

Give Your Child’s Smile A Fresh Start!

While a full-mouth reconstruction for a child might sound too radical, it’s actually not all that uncommon. When you think about how energetic and active kids are by nature, it makes sense that they can often face a higher risk for dental damage. Also, the fact kids tend to consume more sugar than adults from things like fruit juice, sports drinks, chocolate milk, and candy, it’s understandable why they could suffer from tooth decay, cavities, and other oral health issues that justify such a treatment plan.

And that’s all a full-mouth reconstruction really is. It’s a comprehensive plan comprised of a mix of all the restorative dental treatment your child needs to get their healthy smile back. It could include:

*Tooth-Colored Fillings

*A Root Canal or Pulpotomy

*Dental Crowns & Bridges

*Dental Implants

The specific process of reconstructing your child’s smile is all dependant upon the unique dental issues they’re facing, and our skilled dentists have just what it takes to design the right plan to give their smile a fresh, new start!

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It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that your child might face certain dental problems or injuries that warrant a full-mouth reconstruction.

Should it happen to your child, trust Dr. Rooklidge and our team at Dentistry for Children!

We have the training and the tools to restore your child’s oral health and give their smile a fresh start!

Call our Sandy, UT dentist office today at 801-871-3008 or fill out our online form for an appointment.

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