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Is it a struggle to get your little one to visit the dentist? Does your kid do everything they can to avoid a dental appointment? If you’re ready to treat your child to stress-free pediatric dentistry, contact Dentistry For Children to learn about our dental sedation options! For your convenience, we have three locations in Salt Lake County. You can reach each one at the following phone numbers: Sandy, UT: 801-871-3008; West Valley, UT: 801-758-7119; Murray, UT: 801-948-2212!

Your Child’s Dental Sedation Options

Because every patient is unique, we offer three forms of dental sedation at all three of our locations. We have undergone extensive training in administering dental sedation to ensure a safe, comfortable visit for your child!

More commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide dental sedation is a gas mixed with oxygen that your child will inhale through a small mask. It takes effect almost immediately, producing a mild euphoria and vanquishing stress and anxiety. Nitrous oxide wears off almost immediately after your child stops breathing it in.

Another option is oral conscious sedation, which we administer in a drink when your child arrives at our office. By the time your little one goes back to a care room to see our team, they will be stress-free and fully at ease. The sedation may take some time to wear off following the appointment.

The strongest form of dental sedation we offer is IV sedation. While your child will stay awake so we can communicate with them, there is a strong probability they will remember little if anything of the visit. This level of sedation is especially useful if your child is in need of a complex dental treatment, like a full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants.

We will carefully monitor your child and adjust the level of sedation as needed for optimum comfort. If we give your child oral conscious sedation or IV sedation, a trusted friend or family member will need to drive them to and from our office, even if your teenager has a driver’s license.

If there is any chance of your child experiencing pain during a treatment, we can also use anesthetic to numb the area. We will do everything we can to make every procedure comfortable!

Give Your Child Relief From Dental Anxiety

At Dentistry For Children, we understand your child’s concerns and can help relieve dental anxiety. Maybe your little one has already had a bad experience at another dentist. A painful treatment at a young age from a seemingly indifferent stranger would be enough to make anyone afraid of the dentist! Even if it’s your little one’s first dental visit, the unfamiliarity alone could be enough to put them on edge.

No matter the cause, we can help! We will be very gentle and welcoming when you bring your kids in to see us. Our calming, soothing team will spend extra time introducing ourselves and getting to know your children so they can feel more at ease.

We will also listen intently to any concerns you or your kids have. This allows us to improve the patient-centered care we provide and better tailor our treatment approach. For example, some children want to know exactly what to expect while others only get more nervous from hearing about the steps of a procedure. We’ll find out what works for your children and do our best to put them at ease.

Additional Comfort Options, Advanced Dental Technology

Dental sedation isn’t the only way we can help your kids relax. At Dentistry for Children, all three of our dental offices are specifically geared towards making your little ones feel at home. Our reception areas have playhouses and a selection of video games for your kids to play with while waiting to see our friendly team.

We also have TVs in every care room to entertain your child while we improve their smile! They can pick a favorite movie and just sit back and relax!

We have also invested in state-of-the-art dental technology that makes treatments more comfortable and precise! Our Solea CO 2 dental laser, for example, allows us to simultaneously remove tooth decay and numb your child’s tooth in the case of a cavity!

Book A Stress-Free Dental Visit For Your Child

Treat your child to anxiety-free dentistry – contact Dentistry for Children for safe dental sedation options. Call our Sandy, UT office at 801-871-3008, our West Valley, UT office at 801-758-7119, or our Murray, UT office at 801-948-2212. You can also use our online form .


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