Benefits of Preventive Orthodontics for Your Children

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Crooked teeth, gaps in the smile, and bite issues are all serious orthodontic problems you can help your child avoid. With preventive orthodontics at at West Valley UT dental office, we can give your child a straighter, more beautiful smile. It’s all part of our comprehensive children’s dental treatments. We treat children from infancy to age 17, and our staff is here to help them overcome any dental issues they may experience.

Tooth alignment is an issue that can affect your children forever. A straighter smile looks better, but it’s also healthier. Today we want to discuss the benefits of preventive orthodontics and how Dentistry For Children can provide effective treatments to have your child’s smile looking great.

Start Your Children’s Orthodontic Assessment Early

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that parents bring in their children for an orthodontic assessment around the age of 7. Of course, at the age of 7, your children will not have their permanent teeth. Some kids are just starting to lose teeth at that age. Seeing your child at that age allows us to assess the mouth and plan for early orthodontic intervention — or preventive orthodontics.

Children can have a number of issues that orthodontics and preventive orthodontics can correct:

  • Tooth alignment
  • Speech difficulty
  • Bite problems
  • Facial imbalance
  • Tooth grinding or clenching

How Preventive Orthodontics Can Help

At Dentistry for Children, we have five doctors who can treat all of your child’s dental needs. There are a number of small treatments we can do for your child’s smile. With preventive orthodontics, it’s possible that we can help your child from ever needing braces. Or, these preventive treatments will at least reduce the timeframe of future orthodontic procedures.

Here are a few treatments:

  • Preventive extraction — Most of our primary teeth will fall out on their own, but in some cases, it’s necessary to remove some of the teeth to make room for the permanent teeth. If the primary tooth is not removed, the permanent tooth may begin to develop behind or in front of the primary tooth, causing serious alignment issues.
  • Space maintainers — Our primary teeth do not erupt at the same times, and neither do our permanent teeth. It takes years to lose your primary teeth and finally have all of your permanent teeth.  Space maintainers are a tool we use to help guide children’s permanent teeth into a better position. If your child loses a tooth, nearby teeth may begin to shift toward that empty space. This can cause problems like crowding or misalignment.

Space maintainers are not invasive and can be easily placed and removed at our office.

What straight teeth can do for you child

It’s no secret that straight teeth look better. But we also know that straight teeth are healthier. When the teeth are perfectly aligned, you reduce the risk of dental infections, bad habits like unintentionally grinding and clenching, and even fractures.

And when you come to Dentistry For Children for your preventive orthodontic solutions, it’s possible you can save time and money down the road. With a little extra care now, it’s possible that your child will never need comprehensive orthodontics — or you can greatly reduce the timeframe of future orthodontics treatments.

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