5 Ways To Help Your Child Have A Successful Dental Checkup

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Maybe you’ve been there before: Your child’s dental appointment starts in 15 minutes, and you’re just realizing that you scheduled their checkup at the same time they usually take a nap. They’re grumpy and fussy, and they’re yelling, “No, I don’t want to go!” as you fasten them into their car seat.

It’s OK. We’ve all been there.

At Dentistry for Children we specialize in the care of little smiles, so we understand that taking your little one to the dentist can be an adventure.

We also know that your child’s early experiences in the dental chair shape the way they feel about dental hygiene for years to come. So, we feel that it’s our responsibility to make going to the dentist enjoyable, and we go the extra mile to do just that!

Your kids will love the colorful murals on the walls, the playhouses, and the video games set up in the reception area. And parents will love our top-notch care.

Our compassionate team wants to partner with you to ensure your child enjoys a healthy smile early in life. Read on for five tips for helping your child have a successful dental checkup, compiled in honor of Children’s Dental Health Month! Then, give us a call at any of our three convenient locations near Murray, UT to schedule an appointment.


1. Choose Your Appointment Time Strategically.


You know that saying, “Timing is everything?” It’s especially true when you’re trying to schedule a dental appointment for your child — no matter whether they’re 1 year old, 18 years old, or anywhere in between.

For younger kids, it’s best to avoid scheduling appointments during naptime, the time immediately after naps (if your child tends to take some time waking up), and meal times. Generally speaking, mornings tend to be a good time.

If you’ve got a school-aged child, it’s often a good idea to avoid scheduling an appointment right after school lets out. Many kids need some time to decompress after dismissal before they transition into a new activity.

At Dentistry for Children, it’s easy to find a time that works for you and your child. All three of our locations are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


2. Talk Up Going To The Dentist.


Regardless of how you feel about your own oral health, it’s important to make sure you’re sending your kids positive messages about going to the dentist. This is especially true if your child is between the ages of 4 and 6. If they ask about whether having a cavity filled will hurt, encourage them to talk to the dentist about it, or tell them that our dentists use special tools to painlessly repair the tooth!

With kids who are even younger — and are perhaps getting ready for their first dentist appointment — play “pretend” dentist. Pretend that you’re the dentist, and ask your kiddo to sit still and open their mouth wide so you can look at their teeth. Then, switch roles!

You can even tell them about all the fun things waiting for them at our office: a playhouse, video games, and even movies to watch while we work on their teeth!


3. Fill Out Paperwork Ahead Of Time.


By doing your homework before you get to the office, you’ll cut down on the length of your visit. If you’re a new patient, you can find all the necessary forms here . We have them available in both English and Spanish.

And if you have any questions at all about your upcoming visit, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly administrative team would be happy to help you.


4. Feed Your Child A Light Meal Before The Appointment.


Even adults have a hard time sitting still for prolonged periods of time if they’re really hungry. Before you leave for the dentist’s office, make sure your child has something to eat, drinks some water, and then brushes their teeth (or help them if they’re not yet brushing on their own.) This will ensure that their teeth are clean for their checkup.

It’s also best to stick to light meals — particularly if your child has a sensitive gag reflex.


5. If Your Child Starts Crying, Work With The Dentist.


It happens! When it comes to making sure your child enjoys excellent dental health for years to come, parents and pediatric dentists are a team! If your child starts crying during their appointment, work with the dentist to get things back on track. You know your child better than anyone, so you’re in the best position to steer things in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a compassionate team to help your child maintain great oral health, consider Dentistry for Children! We’re specialists when it comes to the dental growth and development of children and teens, so you’ll feel great knowing your little one is receiving top-notch care.

Call us today at any of our three locations, or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.

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