4 Ways to Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy This Summer

With summer in full swing, you and your family is probably running around town at sporting events, camps, or even getting away for vacation. Our West Valley City, Utah dental office is here to help your children maintain a healthy smile around the calendar.

Today we want to explore some of the ways you can keep your child’s teeth looking great and healthy this summer. At Dentistry For Children , we have five different doctors who can help your child learn about their teeth and develop healthy habits. Here are a few things you can practice with your child this summer to make sure their teeth are healthy.

  1. Make Sure They Are Brushing Long Enough

According to the American Dental Association, adults and children need to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes a day. A study found that people only 7 out of 10 Americans brush twice a day. And whenever we speak with patients, most of them aren’t sure how long they’re brushing.

There are a few ways to ensure your child is brushing long enough. You can buy toothbrushes with timers that play music for a full two minutes. You can also find fun, free apps online, like Time 2 Brush and DJ Brush. These apps are a little more interactive in that they guide the children through the brushing and even have fun facts for your child to learn about their teeth.   

  1. Have Them Wear Mouthguards During Athletics

Children involved in contact sports should ALWAYS wear a mouthpiece during practices and games. The mouthpiece will protect the teeth and soft tissue in the mouth, and it will also protect you against costly dental emergencies . It can absorb any potential contact in the mouth and protect the jaw and your child clenches. Parents can spend a large amount of money on orthodontics and preventive, so it’s best to protect your investment by giving your child a great-looking, custom mouthguard .

You can find boil-and-bite mouthguards at any pharmacy. And those can work, but the custom mouthguard is more comfortable and ultimately more effective. Our mouthguards fit perfectly over the teeth. The mouthguard will not block the airway, allowing your child to speak and breathe naturally.

  1. Keep Your Child Away From Tooth-Destroying Foods

In the summer, your kids are enjoying a bit of freedom while you’re still heading to work every day. The school system does a great job in helping kids maintain a good diet (especially during lunch), but in the summer kids can sometimes get their hands on unhealthy snacks. As you already know, food that is chalked full of sugar puts your child at a greater risk of tooth decay. Most sodas have about 40 grams of sugar for every 12 ounces and sticky treats can stay on the teeth and increase the risk of dental decay.  

Snacks like apples, celery and even cheese or milk are much better for the teeth. Healthy fruits and vegetables actually create more saliva in the mouth to wash away bacteria and plaque, and dairy reduces the acid levels in the mouth.

  1. Schedule Cleanings Before School Starts

Did you know that children in this country miss about 51 million hours of instruction because of dental emergencies? That’s a lot of time spent away from school, and parents and guardians are also taking that time off of work to help their kids sort out these issues. To save yourself the trouble and time, schedule a dental cleaning and exam before the school year begins.

During your child’s visits, we’ll make sure they are free of dental problems, and we can even provide preventive treatments like fluoride and dental sealants to reduce the risk of cavities. If your child does have tooth decay, we can remove the infection with a dental laser that is pain-free!

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