2 Ways To Ease Your Child’s Dental Anxiety [BLOG]

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Parents put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to medical and dental appointments for their kids.

You’re tense even before you arrive at the dentist office, and your child’s dental fears have already induced a meltdown or two before appointment day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your child to the dentist without the stress and drama?

That’s what we try to do for our patients at Dentistry For Children in Sandy and West Valley City, UT!

Here are two effective strategies for easing your child’s dental anxiety!

*Choose A Dentist Who Caters To Your Child’s Comfort*

Our practice is specifically catered to meet your child’s dental needs, and that includes their comfort.

We’re here because we love caring for children and always look forward to seeing them at Dentistry For Children. Our years of experience allow us to recognize your child’s varying levels of anxiety, fear, or stress and respond according to their needs. We’re also committed to maintaining a very safe, friendly environment and establishing a relationship with your family so your child can feel supported and confident at their appointments in familiar surroundings among a friendly staff they know and feel comfortable with.

Here are a few specific ways we can help your child feel more at ease at their dentist appointments:

*We offer playhouses and video games they can enjoy while they wait.

*Your child can watch a movie of their choice during treatment on our wall-mounted TVs.

*You can choose among three dental sedation options to calm their nerves.

*We use advanced technology and numbing techniques without relying on painful, scary shots!

Talk to us about what you think your child needs in order to feel more comfortable when they visit us, and we’ll do all we can to help!

*Choose Dental Sedation To Help Your Child Relax*

Initially, many parents are often apprehensive about choosing dental sedation for their child. While it’s certainly understandable to have questions or concerns about using sedatives to calm your child’s nerves, we’d like to ease your mind by letting you know our dentists are extensively trained and well-versed in the safe administration of dental treatments for children.

We can help you choose the right sedation method and carefully monitor your child throughout their procedure to maximize their comfort and ensure their safety.

You can choose among our three options in dental sedation:

*Inhaled Sedation (or “laughing gas”)

*Oral Sedation (in liquid form)

*IV Sedation (for severe anxiety and longer treatments)

You are probably already familiar with inhaled sedation, and maybe have even used it yourself during past dental appointments. But parents are often less familiar with oral and IV sedation, at least when it comes to dental treatments. These require special training and certification because they’re stronger and take more time to wear off after a procedure. This is why children who are old enough to drive will need a parent, relative, or trusted family friend to drive them to and from an appointment when either forms are used.

Regardless, you can trust our highly-skilled dentists to help you explore all your options so you can make an informed decision about your child’s dental sedation.

Call Today For An Appointment!

Believe it or not, there is a way to take the stress out of your child’s dentist appointments.

But that’s only true when they’re in the right hands.

That’s why you should trust your child’s dental health to Dr. Rooklidge and our team at Dentistry For Children. Kids are our specialty, so you know the environment and the staff have the experience and the resources to specifically cater to your child’s safety and comfort.

Call our Sandy, UT office at 801-871-3008, our West Valley City, UT office at 801-758-7119. You can also submit your request for an appointment using our convenient online form.


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